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web3 Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder

Gerardo Gutierrez grew up in Silicon Valley during the early 2000's .com bubble, and went on to attend University of the Pacific for physics and engineering. He is the founder of multiple web3 projects, the latest being Mintra - a new NFT marketplace for the Pulsechain network. He is a passionate champion of EVM blockchains, self-custody, and the transformation of traditional monetary systems and economics. His vision is to empower people to take control their own finances & self-soverignty via real, quality cryptocurrency like Pulsechain, one of the fastest growing L1 blockchains to date. Gerardo is well versed in mathematics, crypto fundamentals, decentralized finance, and delivers educational podcasts & streams on social media. He and his team are currently building infrastructure solutions for Pulsechain such as a block explorer, and a full-fledged developer API suite.

NFT Collections

PLS Punks v1

PLS Punks v1

PLS Punks v2

PLS Punks v2

Mintra Punks

Mintra Punks


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